2015 Spring/Summer Hair Colour Trends

Spring has sprung and it’s time to shine with 2015 Spring/Summer Hair Colour Trends. Pastel hair colour in Perth is here to stay and Kaaral has released the perfect colour range to get you looking fabulous for this festival season. Colour splash is an exciting new range allowing colour technicians to intermix clear glosses with vivid colours to custom make a bespoke tone just for you.

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cruelty free hair colour

The granny hair trend has taken Perth by storm, and looks great on people with warm and neutral skin tones.

pastel grey hair

Granny hair don’t care

Those with cooler skin tones can run the risk of looking a little washed out, so if you’re not a wearer of bright makeup, it’s advisable to choose a warmer and brighter colour like a peach or rose gold to complement your skin.

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rose gold hair perth

Hair pixeling is a wicked new trend if you are a little alternative with your style. It involves painting squares into the hair for a digitally printed look. It can be time consuming so I have to charge accordingly but the results are so worth it!

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hair pixelling

Things to think about when considering pastel and vivid hair colours.
– Lifestyle. Do you go to the gym a lot? Are you needing to wash your hair after each workout? Maybe a natural shade would be more suitable for you. Those who swim in the ocean and chlorinated pools are also not the best candidates for pastels and vivid colours.
– Work life. How is your boss going to react? Most workplaces are pretty open minded these days, allowing tattoos and funky hair but it’s best to check first.
– Home care. Make sure you are using a colour saver shampoo like http://www.kaaral.com/en/hair-care-products/baco-hair-care/baco-colorpro-shampoo this will prolong your hair colour’s life.
– Existing colour. If your hair is already coloured dark, you will need to pre lighten first to achieve these bright colours. The more softer and pastel you want the shade, the lighter your hair must be.
As you all know, I love a challenge. if you see something on Instagram that inspires you, please bring in a pic and I’ll be happy to recreate it for you.
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