06th Oct 2014

Product of the week – Organic Vegan hairspray

Features and Benefits The EverEscents Organic Hairspray is a high-tech yet totally natural hairspray lacquer that provides strong hold and a natural gloss finish. Packaged in an easy to use trigger spray means that there are no aerosols and therefore can even be taken on a plane. The Hairspray does not contain any petro-chemicals, plastics or synthetic fillers which means no product build up, stinging of the scalp or skin & eye irritations. This product also does not contain any PVP/VA co-polymers (plastics). That means no artificial ingredients to achieve the hold factor! As it is water resistant, strong and durable, the Hairspray is perfect for an all-day application and also contains a UV protection filter.

24th Jul 2014
perth hairdresser

How to diffuse curly hair

How to diffuse curly hair. Try my product of the week – Pure sensual curls http://www.hairjamm.com/pure-styling-treatment.php Why do I love this product? -Delivers lasting curl perfection. -Turns frizz into soft...

17th Jul 2014

Benefits of shampoo and head massage

Benefits of shampoo and head massage. Why are my head massages so fabulous? The benefits of head massage are many. Of course it feels amazing, and it’s the thing people...

10th Jul 2014

2014 hair trends – Coloured Bleach – the next big thing

New to Andrea Rose Hair design, coloured bleach http://www.colouredbleach.com.au/gallery.html has changed the way I do fashion colours in the salon. Most of my regular clients will know I’m not one...

27th Mar 2014

Product of the week – MARAES – Nourishing Color Shield

Product of the week – MARAES – Nourishing Color Shield This is an extraordinary micro-emulsion with innovative formula that combines the nutritional properties of Monoi de Tahiti Oil and the...

17th Mar 2014
product of the week

Product of the week – MARAES Color Nourishing Olium

Product of the week – MARAES Color Nourishing Olium  Maraes Color Nourishing Olium is the newest and most innovative treatment to deliver deep nutrition to dry, stressed or damaged hair....

11th Mar 2014

EverEscents – Organic Hair Care

EverEscents offers a pure and natural ORGANIC hair care range that is plant based using certified organic ingredients merged together from the abundant Australian environment. ORGANIC shampoo, ORGANIC conditioner Organic...

05th Feb 2014

stargazer semi-permanent uv hair colour

A bit about Stargazer: Stargazer was established in 1978 with the opening of a stall in the Great Gear Market in the Kings Road London. Kings Road was the centre...

30th Sep 2013

Bhave keratin straightening

Be in the frizz free zone.  If you are time poor but lust after smooth, luscious-looking locks that are low on maintenance but high on manageability, bhave smoothe and  smoothe...