How to get naturally thicker hair.

Hello hair friends! After a looooong break from blogging and a four-week break from work I thought I’d better dust off the old laptop and get writing again. There have been some new products to hit the market here in the Perth hairdressing world and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Lately, many people have asked me how to get naturally thicker hair.

First off, there’s an exciting new hair thickening product on the market brought to you by my favorite Italian hair fam – Kaaral.


hair thickening treatment

hair thickening shampoo

What does it do?

  • cleanses the hair and scalp with antibacterial and energizing action
  • restores integrity to the scalp
  • stimulates micro-circulation
  • strengthens and gives elasticity to the hair
  • fights free radicals and prevents aging with antioxidant action

Who is it for?

  • men and women with naturally fine or sparse hair
  • women who have experienced hair loss from hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause
  • anyone experiencing hair thinning from illness or poor diet in the past
  • hair loss due to past radiation or chemotherapy
  • curly girls and guys wanting to add volume and thickness

How to use?

  • wet hair thoroughly
  • apply evenly with fingertips
  • lather for 20 seconds 
  • repeat if necessary
  • the product should be used for at least 12 weeks with an average frequency

The best bits?

thickening treatment

thickening lotion

What does it do?

  • disinfects the scalp with anti-inflammatory action
  • stimulates the buds in stem cells present in the bulb
  • promotes the regeneration of the hair bulb
  • protects and strengthens particularly fragile hair 

How to use?

For best results, apply daily for at least 12 weeks, morning, or night to dry or washed and towel-dried hair. Apply the lotion to the scalp. Massage gently with your fingertips to promote complete absorption of the product. Do not rinse.

Ever the hair nerd, I decided to give some to my girlfriend to try before sharing the results with you. Matilda has fine straight hair. There’s not a lot of it and the strands themselves are sparse in density. After the first wash, she noticed her hair was much lighter allowing her to get more body in her blowdry. After 6 weeks she has noticed new growth around the part and hairline (annoying little sticky up bits which I have assured her will calm down once they get longer). Her hair is thickening up – WINNING!!

If you’re struggling with fine hair then give me a call for a free consultation.




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