How to get thicker hair for women

How to get thicker hair for women.
Over the past few years Iv’e noticed an increasing amount of women experiencing thinning hair. I wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence, maybe there was just a higher proportion in my clientele. So I asked the lovely ladies at hair mart that agreed this problem is on the increase. Products like Nioxin
and Bosley are selling like hotcakes.
Nobody knows for sure why there is such an increase. My guess is the stresses associated with the modern world. Women have ever increasing workload juggling families and work which doesn’t end when they leave the office. Thanks to technology many of my clients aren’t zoning out reading magazines while sipping their coffees, they are taking work calls and replying emails. Paradoxically the very things designed to make life easier have become an all consuming part of every day life. But that’s just my theory.

According to the specialists at Bosley there are believed to be approximately 30 conditions that cause hair loss in women, and many can be resolved with proper treatment. Women experiencing hair loss should consult with their physician to determine the cause of their hair loss and eliminate any serious medical conditions before evaluating hair loss treatments.
The most common causes of hair loss in women:

Crash dieting or poor nutrition
Birth control pills
Hairstyles that stress the scalp (traction alopecia)
Extreme stress as mentioned above
Iron deficiency
Hormonal imbalances like pregnancy and menopause
Major surgery
Endocrine conditions that affect thyroid function
Systemic diseases like lupus
Female Pattern Baldness

how to get thicker hair

how to get thicker hair

Once your doctor has ruled out any serious medical conditions (book a longer appointment for this or they will hurry you out the door) it’s best to tackle the issue from the the outside with medicated hair products like Bosley and Nioxin, and from the inside starting with a good multivitamin and regular doses of omega 3.
I spoke to my friend Nikki from Stay Healthy to see what she recommends for balancing the body inside to promote healthy hair growth. Here are her top five selling products

This information is useful for women with naturally fine hair, who are post pregnancy and even those recovering from cancer treatments. I have seen the results with my own clients and believe whole heartedly that this problem can be overcome with the right plan of action.

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