New Silk Glaze Hair Treatment!

New Silk Glaze Hair Treatment!

Ever the product fiend, I’m super excited to introduce the best shine treatment to hit Perth hair salons. As a Kaaral ambassador and educator, I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test run all the new products before they hit the shelves. For the last eight weeks, I’ve been experimenting on my lovely clients free of charge on the condition that they give me updates on the results. Let’s just say that I’m more than impressed! This little gem of a treatment is an in-salon service with so many different uses. It’s a shine treatment that delivers intense brilliance, softness and protection for natural or color-treated hair. The special formula enriched with Hydrolyzed Silk, Rice Protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera intensifies shine, increases the strength of the hair shaft, preventing breakage, and protects against the aggression of atmospheric agents, high-temperature hair dryers and flat irons. Silk Glaze leaves hair healthy-looking and with unsurpassed shine.

Due to Australia’s weather conditions and hard water, hair becomes dry, porous and lacking in shine. Usually, a Baco or Maraes colour service – infused with keratin and nourishing plant extracts will remedy this because Kaaral is a high-quality hair colour. Put simply, it’s like the primer and paint that coats the hair, filling in all the little gaps of the cuticle (rough outside) layer of the hair.

But what if you don’t want a hair colour service?  Maybe you love your natural hair colour, but long for that “freshly coloured” iridescence.

A perfect example of this type of client would be:

Natural redheads – you ladies are a rare beauty to behold and unless you’re dying for a change (excuse the pun) I’m not one to push a colour service on such a lovely and unique colour.

The bride to be – I see a lot of brides that are happy with their local hairdresser but have chosen me to do their wedding hair. The hair is either coloured or natural. During the bridal trial, we talk about the importance of shine. The shinier the hair is, the more it will pick up the light in the wedding photos , which draws the eye to the bride and the intricacy in the up-do.

The grey goddess – There’s something liberating about getting to an age where you no longer feel the need to cover your roots (I’m told). I adore women who have sharp, funky haircuts that are impeccably kept. These women usually possess a quirkiness in their style and a personality to match, think Iris Apfel the New York fashion icon or Lee Lin Chin – the darling of SBS news. Grey hair can look stunning but it can also get a little matte looking. A Silk Glaze shine treatment every second haircut will add sparkle in the hair to match the persona!

The curly girl: I specialise in freehand cutting curly hair. Curly hair is quite dry and prone to frizz, it’s just part of the genetic makeup of the hair shaft. The super hydrating components of the Silk glaze treatment makes an excellent add-on to  a curly hair service.

The stand alone service is just one of the ways I have been using Silk Glaze. I have also been adding it to highlighting, balayage and all over colour services too. Hair is softer and more manageable for up to six weeks after the colour. Blondes are healthier and direct dyes stay locked in for longer.

If you’d like to try a revolutionary new shine treatment new to the market, ask me during your next appointment, or if you’re a new client then you can send an enquiry using the contact form.



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