Olaplex Summer Special For curly girls

Olaplex Summer Special for curly girls.

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In the summertime when the weather is hot, and your skin is glowing but your locks are not?

But why? Well for starters the sun can burn your hair just like it can your skin. If you’re out in the sun a lot this summer consider protecting your hair by wearing a hat or invest in a UV protector spray like Maraes http://www.kaaral.com/en/prodotti-per-capelli/prodotti-monoi-de-tahiti/prodotti/hair-care/color-nourishing-shield For some super hair love jump on this Olaplex Summer Special.

Hitting the beach?

Be sure to hit the change room showers after your swim to rinse out that salt straight away. Later when you get home, moisturise with a good leave-in treatment like Everescents https://www.everescents.com.au/products/organic-cinnamon-patchouli-moisture-shampoo-conditioner/

Swimming in ze pool.

Something to consider if you prefer the swimming pool. Chlorine needs to be washed out, and thoroughly. As opposed to salt that washes out easily, chlorine likes to embed itself deep into the cortex (the inner part of the hair) and stick around. Cleanse well with a deep cleanser like the  Everescents https://www.everescents.com.au/organic-peppermint-spearmint-fresh-mint-shampoo/mint shampoo that clarifies the hair and scalp of stubborn product build up in all hair types

Take the hair love with you.

No access to a shower post-swim? No dramas! Always carry a spray bottle in your beach bag. Fill with water and one pump of organic Hydrating conditioner. Spritz regularly with your magic moisture mix and your hair will thank you later for it. I always take some with me on holidays and my hair survives scuba diving and long days out on the boat before I make it back to a shower.

The Curly girl overhaul.

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Hair needing a big summer overhaul? Hit me up for my summer Olaplex cut and treatment. For curly girls – first, we assess the hair and your washing and styling routine. Secondly, we dry cut your curls to shape the hair according to the way you wear it on a daily basis. Once the general shape is achieved we cleanse with the appropriate Everescents shampoo. I will apply Olaplex #1 as a stand-alone treatment. While your treatment is working its magic I shall be perfecting your tips with a wet cutting technique, followed by a rinse and a mix of Olaplex #2 and the appropriate styling cream to be left in for 24 hours. The service costs just $100 for all short to medium length hair and extra for clients with super thick and long hair.

For the straight haired hotties.

You can get in on the hair love too! Because yours truly will need some extra time to blow-dry, the price will vary. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, your service will average aeound $120. 


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