Plastic-free hair products Perth

Plastic-free hair products Perth

In an ever-increasing world of hyper-consumption, we find ourselves drowning in plastic packaging. One way that cosmetics companies are tackling this is through bottle free “bars” claiming to do many things from facial cleansers, toners and all in one shampoo and conditioner rituals. While I applaud the good intentions of these companies, I feel that in some cases the technology isn’t quite there yet.

2 in 1 shampoo bars

No one product can both shampoo AND condition. This is because shampoos and conditioners are on opposite ends of the pH scale. A shampoo is an alkaline, which is designed to open up the hair’s cuticle and wash away oil and the dirt that is attracted to it. This is why when you shampoo your hair it will feel gritty and rough. This is where the conditioner comes in. It’s an acidic solution so it helps to close down the cuticle layer and lock in the moisture and protein additives to infuse the hair with strength and softness.  So shampoo bars are essentially soap. No matter how much oil and fat you add to it to make the hair feel soft, its high on the pH scale and will not condition your hair in any way. Another issue I have with shampoo bars is the high levels of SALT. Sea salt, organic rock salt, sodium-laureth sulfate, and lye – sodium hydroxide. Dress them up any way you want. They are all corrosive and damaging ingredients that ravage your hair and strip out the color. I propose a better solution.

Refillable shampoo bottles

My top picks are as follows:

  • Infuse My Colour htis// are the relatively new kids on the block when it comes to color enhancing shampoos. Award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free and the fillable bottles mean that the color you take home is totally customized to your hair color needs. Blonde hair going a little yellow? The platinum is just the right amount of ash to use on a regular basis to soften that warm undertone. Caramel tones going a little brassy? I got you fam – I’ll mix in a little silver and blue with that platinum to eliminate those orange reflects. There’s even a beautiful rose gold hue – my favourite of all the pastel tones.
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refillable toning shampoo

But what if you just want regular shampoo?
  • As always, Everescents comes through with the goods. They tick all the ethical boxes, are curly girl friendly and the range is so prescriptive, there’s something for all types. They’ve altered the design of the shampoo and conditioner bottles to make them refillable, so feel free to bring your bottles back in for a top up.
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