The curly girl movement!

This season it’s all about healthy looking, shiny, beautiful curls. So if you have them naturally, rock them! The curly girl movement is gaining momentum all over the globe, so here’s how to love your locks, naturally.

Firstly, start with the right shampoo.

My top pick for FINE HAIR is Everescents Bergamot shampoo and conditioner

Everescents contains the highest quality pure Australian Certified Organic ingredients and does NOT contain any harsh chemicals. A veritable citrus fruit cocktail for normal to oily hair types with a vitamin infusion while providing deep cleansing and nourishing without leaving the hair limp or oily. Bergamot is designed for normal to dry hair with oily roots and is suitable for coloured or treated hair. This stuff is amazing when you want to go from washing your hair daily to once or twice a week. The less washing and styling you do to your curls, the more they will begin to take shape on their own provided the hair is cut appropriately.

FOR THICKER AND MORE UNRULY CURLS – Try Pure Pearl miracle shampoo and mask

Pure Pearl Miracle is formulated with natural mother of pearl nacre – mother of pearl – which contains the same essential amino acid complexes that heal and maintain the cells in the human body. Restoring these key amino acids works to heal hair damaged through chemical treatment services, heat styling and environmental erosion.

Harvested from the clean waters off Western Australia, these
pearl-producing oysters provide components that can stimulate the metabolic activities of DNA, thus promoting and accelerating cell renewal in damaged hair.

I’ve chosen this shampoo for thicker, curlier hair because this hair type tends to be much coarser and dryer. The amino acid complexes will help to moisturise the hair which will soften frizz and weigh down the unwanted volume.


Next, think about styling. Different products will suit different textures.

FOR SOFTER AND FINER CURLS – Go with a sea salt spray like Pure Not only does it smell like something worthy of styling a unicorn’s mane ( you’ll get beautiful coconut and marshmallow notes) it’s perfect for giving curls that are unsure of themselves that bit of extra definition. Keep in mind though, it does leave a little bit of grit in the hair much like if you’ve been swimming in the ocean.

If you prefer the hold without the grit, I’d go with Pink Up’s Mou Mousse from roots to ends.  Just use a ping pong sized amount from roots  to ends on wet hair for definition, hold and humidity resistance.

One of my favourite product cocktails for finer curls is the Mou Mousse mixed with Maraes colour Nourishing Olium

Add a few drops of this liquid gold to your mid-lengths and ends before the Mou Mousse for UV protection and weightless moisture. Every single client of mine who has bought this product sings it’s praises and comes back for more. Never go on holidays without it!

FOR STYLING UNRULY CURLS – My top pick is Pure sensual curls

This must have product turns frizz into soft smooth curls, protects against frizz caused by humidity, sun,  thermal styling and chemical treatments. It’s exclusive ‘Pure Complex’ contains 100% organic extracts. Add to damp hair and scrunch or twirl your desired amount into mid lengths and ends, then allow to air dry or diffuse.

If you are unsure if how to diffuse, check out my step by step tutorial in the newsfeed

Embrace nature, save time and rock your inner curly girl!



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