Undercuts for summer 2015!

Now more than ever I’m totally crushing on undercuts for summer 2015! Believe it or not, there’s a wide range of people and age groups for which this cutting technique can be utilised. Maybe an undercut is for you after all.

Firstly, they can remove bulk.

Do you have thick coarse hair? Are you longing for a sleek short to long bob but can’t seem to get to all that underneath hair smooth? That hair down there can get all hot and sweaty too. Just get rid of it! I have a few older clients I’ve converted and they love it. They never wear their hair up as they like their bobs really short, so just by removing the unnecessary hair from the occipital bone (that’s that bony bit at the back of your head) down to the base of the neck, it allows the bob to sit under beautifully. Styling is a breeze because it’s so easy to get your round brush or irons under there.

For curly or wavy haired clients wanting a sleek bob, I recommend also doing a keratin smoothing service https://andrearosehairdesign.com.au/wp/bhave-keratin-straightening/ to cut down drying and styling time to less than five minutes.

Side undercuts on long coloured hair are an effective way to add a bright statement colour without having to lighten the lengths of the hair. Normally, in order to achive pastel or vivid colours, I’d have to strip out all the existing colour first (see my blog about colour correction) which can be a lengthy and expensive way to go. By just lightening the shaved hair, straight onto the scalp, the heat from your head will usually allow for a very clean blonde, giving us a great blank canvas to get creative with.


ladies undercut

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Feeling a little more adventurous with your colour of choice? There are no limits to the fun we can have with paint brushes, stencils, razors and some imagination.


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Bored at the office? Why not google some designs, print and laminate them to size (maybe when the boss is at lunch, heh) and bring them in! I’ll cut them out with my stencilling scalpel and we can play hair tattoo your favourite superhero.

As many of you know, I love a little bit of animal print.

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But it doesn’t have to be conventional animal print!

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Both of these lovely ladies are my clients. One is a photographer who can show off her style at work, the other is in customer service so she wears her hair down and smooth . We call this ‘business during the day, party at night’.

Undercuts don’t have to be as extreme of course, hairdressers can also refer to them as ‘disconnected’ hair cuts. Where short sections shaved or scissor cut and not connected into longer lengths, giving the haircut an edgy, multidimensional look.

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Perth pixie undercut

If you already have a pixie hair cut it’s not such a huge commitment as you’ll feel like it has grown out so quick, you’ll be ready to try something different after 8 weeks.

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Perth alternative hair

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Cruelty-free hair products Perth

We all know undercuts on boys are pretty sexy too.

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Perth alternative hair



But if you’re still a little nervous and don’t wanna take the plunge just yet, you could always try out a faux undercut.

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